JavaScript Programs for Solving Cubic Equations of State

Here are two JavaScript programs that I wrote back in 2004 for calculating thermodynamic properties and equilibrium conditions. They are designed to be educational - rather than just calculating the property, they indicate how the property is being calculated. Remarkably the programs still work well and have been used to assist the teaching of thermodynamics in various Universities around the world as well as Cambridge.

A brief description of these programs was reported in: P.J. Barrie, "JavaScript programs to calculate thermodynamic properties using cubic equations of state", Journal of Chemical Education, 82, 958-959 (2005). Please cite this paper if you get the chance!

The two programs are:

Solving cubic equations of state (pure substances)

Predicting vapour-liquid equilibrium of binary mixtures using cubic equations of state

If the "info" help links don't work:

Further information

Further details of the theory of cubic equations of state can be found in standard thermodynamic text books, such as:
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